Services provided by Approach Services Consultants in the form of project management or project management support. Focus Area Oil & Gas EPCMprojects, speciality Subsea Engineering.

Our consultants are dynamic, result driven professionals with years of experience within the resources and learning & development industry. Approach Services offers consultant secondment for a period of time.

Our consultants apply PMBOK project management methodologies and are able to incorporate expertise from our complementing services such as team personality analysis and win-win negotiation skills during their projects. Approach Services chose the PMBOK Project Management methodology because it is process based and consistent with other management standards such as ISO 9000 and the Software Engineering Institute’s CMMI and it is generally recognised as good project management practice in Australia.

Depending on your project requirements and resources, we can offer tailored consulting services. Please contact us for a quote and a consultant summary.

Other services that might be of interest to you:

  • Project Managers can highly benefit from using team analysis or personal profiling to assemble the right project management team.
  • If your project is highly dependable on how employees, clients and customers adapt to the transition, having good Change Management will improve your return on investment.
  • The ODIR methodology for consultative selling is a structured and proven way of improving your approach of selling your initiatives internally and externally. Organisations can benefit from training their project team in the ODIR Methodology.

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