The Personal-Professional-Development (PPD)- Canvas is a product of Approach Services. The PPD Canvas is based on the outcome of a series of successful case studies and subject to continuous improvement. It is addressed to individuals and employees that feel stagnant or on the brink of a career move, employees going into self-employment, and professionals looking for work.

Your PPD Canvas can be developed by any professional looking to take control over their personal professional development. Approach Services offers 1:1 Coaching or group workshops to work through the theory behind the PPD Canvas and help you to complete your very own roadmap. As part of the session, the participants will get to develop and complete their own Canvas, which can act as the basis for your career development, job search and interview preparation, or a salary and progression discussions with your manager and even the initiation of self-deployment.

Our coaches and trainers are passionate, competent professionals that rely on years of experience within a wide variety of industries including IT, oil & gas, mining, HR services, hospitality, FMCG and learning & development.

Individuals in Europe and Australia have successfully used the PPD Canvas to gain clarity and control of their career development. A personality analysis highly complements the PPD Canvas; however, a profile is not a pre-requisite.

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