Our simple colour-coded personality profiles e-interpersonal has been ranked three years in a row No.1 in Danmark.  Your profile allows you to analyse your personality and highlight strength and weaknesses, and room for improvement. The eight facet model is a scientific, simple and powerful self-development tool.

e-stimate products are professional tools for performance development and organisational development. Approach Services chose these analysis tools, because of their solid scientific foundation. E-stimate is continuously improved by research and best-practices by a team of 20 psychologists.

e-stimate tools are used internationally by companies, professionals, project and change managers, HR consultants, educational institutions and more.

The e-interpersonal profile can be used for employee and talent development, recruitment, relocation of staff, training, coaching and personal development, career orientation, strengthening of management, communication, cooperation, and to improve sales and customer relationships.

Sample Report – Personality Analysis

Download a sample personality report to get an insight on the information you would receive if you were to order a personality profile for yourself or for a team member you manage.


e-team takes the personality analysis a step further and allows the manager and the team to analyse each team member’s strength and weaknesses. Through a team analysis a team can gain valuable insights that allow better synergy, cooperation and professional development.

Sample Report – Team Profile

Download a sample team profile report to get an insight on the information you would receive if you were to order a team profile for your team.


The e-job profile allows HR professionals to set requirements for a job profile and then score applicants against it. The hiring manager and HR professional can then study the spider graph of the highest scoring individuals in order to choose the best placement for the job.

Sample Report – Job Profile

Download a sample job profile report to get an insight on the information you would receive if you were to order a job profile for hiring staff or building a team for a new project..


The e-stimate personality analysis is conducted online and requires a follow-up consultation to explain the underlying theory and guide you through your personality report. This consultantion is generally delivered online. For face-to-face or internal team sessions please get in touch. Sessions can be booked through the button below.

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