At Approach Services we…


We continuously improve and grow our business in Australia and around the globe through ongoing development and implementation of structured systems and processes.


We are your number one trusted management consultancy and training provider delivering consistent high quality and innovative services.


We attract motivated and driven life changers by providing quality on-boarding, and rewarding training and a career development for clever minds.


We give back to our community and the environment through our corporate social leadership program.

Introducing Approach Services

The solutions provided by Approach Services are sustainable, customised and practical. Here at Approach Services we create solutions depending on the specific requirements of every client and will guide you step by step to success. We provide long-term support and ensure visible results in a sustainable way.

Complementing Approach Services are products from Siegel HR and e-stimate, which have helped clients all over Europe for decades to improve their management and productivity teams. Approach Services is excited to offer these scientifically developed and proven products to the Australian market tohelpbusinesses in Australia to analyse and improve theirproject- and change management, sales, leadership, communication, negotiation and management techniques.


Our Services

Approach Services changes lives; yours and your business’. Approach Services is known as the business of ideas and offers e-stimate personality profiles and team development tools, training, coaching, project and change management advice to professionals, leaders and organisations in Australia.

Consulting provided by Approach Services in form of project management or project management support.
Expertise: Oil & Gas, EPCM, IMR, Subsea Engineering projects
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Consulting provided by Approach Services in form of change management or change management support.
Expertise: Organisational Culture, Business Processes, ERP implementation.

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e-interpersonal is a product of e-stimate. It allows you to analyse your behavioural tendencies and highlights strengths and areas for improvement. The scientific approach is a powerful self-development tool.

e-team takes the personality analysis a step further and allows a manager and his team to analyse each team member’s strengths and weaknesses. Through a team analysis your team gains valuable insights, which allow you to improve synergy, team work and professional development.

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Approach Services offers 1:1 and team coaching for on-the-job-situations.
We also provide additional 1:1 and team coaching to follow-up an Approach Services personality analysis, workshop or training.
These intense coaching sessions are the best way of developing an ability to apply the learned and reinforce your new behaviours and habits.

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The PPD (Personal and Professional Development) canvas is a product of Approach Services. PPD’s can be developed individually or in a group of professionals that are looking to take control over their personal professional development. It is addressed to employees that feel stagnant, on the brink of a career move, employees going into self-employment and professionals looking for work.
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The ODIR methodology is a product of Siegel HR. It offers a structured approach to selling products or ideas in a consulting environment by identifying the clients’ unconscious and conscious needs. Participants learn to identify and take opportunities at the right time, which allows them to build long lasting customer relationships and therefore achieve higher outcomes.

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This workshop provides managers and leaders an in depth analysis of themselves and their team, including motivators, potentials and values in and for the team. Improved understanding of underlying personalities allows better communication and efficiency in work processes.
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Let’s hear what our clients have to say

"The coaching was tailored to my needs and prepared me to take the next step in my career development. The Approach Services consultants are excellent motivators and communicators. Their expertise helped me to identify my strengths and use this to engage prospective employers. This has resulted in landing my ideal role. Approach Services Consultants are incredibly effective career coaches and are highly recommended!" - T. C. (Energy Services Manager)
"When I started the Approach Services program, I did not expect great leaps, so I was surprised by the level of detail and the accuracy of the analysis as well as the immediate effect of the adaptations we developed of it. Approach services did a great job in finding my strengths, so I could better build on them and the reasons why I might have had a little less success in certain areas. Thanks to the team at Approach Services, I now have the tools to work every situation to my advantage, and I can invest my energy into the things that generate the greatest returns for me. " - B. P. (Supply Chain Manager)
"I highly recommend Approach Services’ consultants who question, encourage, challenge and support you in your learning. In the trainings you feel affirmed, extended, liberated, energized and stimulated to grow. The consultants act from conviction, which is what you sense while working with them and that makes them highly credible." - K. S. (Event Manager)
"Approach Services successfully designed and delivered our training package “English as a Second Language” for over 100 children at Colegio Republica de Mexico, Cusco Peru. Since then the school has received many positive comments and feedback about the program from the students and their families. " - Team at Volunteering in Cusco

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